Vegetable Recipes

Vegetable Recipes


Week 1

Vegetable Sculptures

See 2012 week 5


Week 2

Salsa and Pita Chips

See 2012 week 2.  The children reccommend less onion, or using onion powder.


Week 3

Celery in Apple Sauce

Celery Stalks

Apple Sauce

Scoop some apple sauce into a small bowl.  You can add a sprinkle of cinnamon if you like.  Wash celery and chop into 2-3cm long pieces.  Use the celery as an edible scoop for your apple sauce.


Week 4

Roasted Chick Peas

See 2012 Week 4


Week 5

Veggie Wraps

Small tortillas

Cleaned and chopped fresh vegetables

Lettuce (washed)

Salad Dressing (if desired)

Fill your tortilla to your preferences and enjoy!


Week 6

Fresh Veggies and Homemade Dips

fresh vegetables washed and cut to dipping size

plain yogurt

sour cream

dried herbs and seasonings

Measure equal amounts of yogurt and sour cream.  Stir them together and then start adding seasonings.  Regularly stir your seasonings in and taste test with some of the vegetables until the desired flavor is acheived.  The flavor of homemade dip will improve if it is refrigerated over night.



Week 1

Celery Sticks

Celery cut into sticks

Cream Cheese spread on the Celery

Raisins place on top of cream cheese

You can substitute peanut butter for cream cheese if you have no allergies if you prefer.


Week 2


1 medium onion

2 garlic cloves minced

1/2 lime juiced

1 15oz can diced tomatos

1 tsp b. sugar

1 tsp chili powder

1/2 tsp paprika

1/2 tsp mustard powder

1/2 tsp cumin

1/2 tsp salt

Serve with pita chips

Pita chips

2 pitas split into 2 circles, spray with olive oil and sprinkle with ground sea salt.  Bake on a cookie sheet at 200F for 3 minutes.


Week 3

Carrot Chips

1lb of carrots (peeled and sliced into 1/4 inch discs)

Toss in 2 tbsp olive oil

top with Sea Salt

Bake at 200F for 30 minutes


Week 4

Roasted Chick Peas

Drain 1 can of chick peas, rinse and pat dry.

Toss in 2 tbsp olive oil.

Sprinkle with garlic salt.

 Bake at 450F for 30 minutes stirring occasionally.


Week 5

Vegetable Sculptures

mixed Fresh vegtables


assemble and enjoy


Week 6

Veggie Pockets

Cut a pita in half

Stuff with your favorite veggies

Add a touch of salad dressing and serve.


Week 7


recipe above