2018 Conference News

2018 Conference News

Posted on Tuesday October 02, 2018 at 01:25PM

 Conference 2018 Report
September 21st 2018

Conference 2018 Report:
Conference was amazing I learned so many new things that I would like to try here at McPherson Library. I went to one session about safe in the work place that was given by ex Calgary police officer her name is Debbie she spoke as our Keynote speaker as well her topic there was Mental Strength. I found her both funny and knowledgeable. Both topics are important for employees and young people she spoke about safety during work and leaving work as well. There are so many common things we as humans do that make us prime targets for violence and theft. She didn’t just speak about how to physically respond to attack but also how to be mentally prepared and in doing so becoming less of a target.
I attended a session that was hosted by indigenous couple who for 26 years have entertained all over the world as a theater group. The performers are children that they guided and taught theater and dance to, literally thousands of children have come and gone. We played games that were taught to the children they were enlightening and entertaining and not all easy. We heard a story told with masks and narration. I would like to see if they would come and perform here for the patrons.


Author: McPherson Municipal Library


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