Book Discussion Group

We have currently postponed our book discussion group until further notice but encourage you to read our selections anyway! We may create a virtual group! Let us know if you are interested - email or if you would like to attend a virtual book discussion group 

Our next book is Such a Lonely, Lovely Road by Kagiso Lasego Molope 

Have you read a book that you just want to share with everyone? Let us know! We are interested in expanding our scope of books and reading lists to include suggestions from readers. Come to the next group or leave a message with Kim at the Library @ 780-663-3999 

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From Goodreads..

"Coming out in South Africa . . . At what cost? All his life Kabelo Mosala has been the perfect child to his doting absent parents, who show him off every chance they get. Both his parents and his small community look forward to him coming back after medical school and joining his father's practice. They also plan to give him the perfect township wedding. But Kabelo's one wish has always been to get as far away from the township as he possibly can and never come back. A few weeks before he leaves for university, however, he forms a close bond with Sediba, one of his childhood friends, confirming his long-held suspicion that he is gay. Their relationship is thrown into turmoil by social pressures and conflicting desires, and it starts to look as if they can't be together. But against all odds the two young men make their way back to each other, risking scorn from the community that raised them."

In her characteristic, beautifully modulated voice, with razor-sharp clarity, Lesego Molope tackles an urgent issue in her country of birth."

Grab a copy from the McPherson Municipal Library and get your read on!